#1 at the State Science and Engineering Fair in Florida. Good luck at the international competition!
Three high school students moving on to represent Florida in The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

According to the Society for Science web page, “Each year more than 1,800 ninth through twelfth graders earn the right to compete at Regeneron ISEF by winning a top prize at a Society-affiliated local, regional, state, or national science fair. Regeneron ISEF finalists compete for nearly $5 million in awards, prizes, and scholarships.”

Finalists are from around the world, and we are proud to announce the three students representing Florida from our Broward campus:

  • 1st Place + Grand Award Winner: Emilin M Mathew (11) - Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • 3rd Place: Sharon A Fernandez (9) - Animal Sciences
  • 3rd Place: Prateek Gupta (11) - Biomedical and Health Sciences

Judging for ISEF will take place from May 3-6, 2021, via video conferencing. For more information visit ISEF online.

The awards don’t stop there; five junior high students, including Aliya Dania (7) who qualified based on a 2nd place win in County will be moving onto Broadcom Masters, the middle school version of ISEF. 

  • 1st Place: Anneliese Hsiao (7) - Chemistry
  • 2nd Place: Laila Rozenberg (7) - Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • 4th Place: Armaan Fatteh-Patil (7) - Bio Medical and Health Sciences
  • Recognition Award: Elie Ciril (7) - Engineering

The Top 300 Masters will be announced September 14, 2021. For more information visit on Broadcom.

The following students were recognized for their hard work and dedication at the state level. Some of these students won awards in addition to moving on to the next level.

  • Emilin M. Mathew (11) - American Psychological Association; Certificate

  • Elie Ciril (7) - NASA Certificate and two complimentary tickets to the NASA Visitor Complex

  • Carla Del Rio (9) - Pinellas Regional Science and Engineering Fair; $25 cash award

  • Megan D. Yang (11) - Intelligent Machines, Robotics and System Software; Recognition Award

  • Maya Neeranjun (10) - Intelligent Machines, Robotics and System Software; Recognition Award

  • Abdul-Jalil D Dania (12) - Earth and Environmental Sciences; 4th place