AHS Alumni Feature - Carine Ghannoum

Carine Ghannoum, AHS ’16, has always been attracted to the extraordinary, and she is now in her third year at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Carine says she developed her adventurous spirit during her seven years at American Heritage. “Aside from the stellar academics and extracurriculars, Heritage has taught me to never stop exploring because you can never place a cap on ambition. I learned there’s a beauty in hard work and compassion, and, together, dreams turn into an achievable reality.”

While at Heritage, Carine threw herself into the Honors Legal Studies Program. She was an officer all four years of high school and captain of both the Mock Trial and Moot Court teams, where she traveled across the country for competitions. “We were state champions two of my four years, and I was awarded Best Attorney three years in a row.”

Carine also ran track while staying involved in Model UN, as well as philanthropic organizations like One Planet United.

When it came time for college, Carine took a leap and applied abroad. “I wanted an experience that challenged me in new, different ways, and that is exactly what I got!”

Carine currently is studying International Relations with a concentration in Computer Science. She’s an armaments research fellow specializing in drone technology. She’s also Head of Content for the school’s Foreign Affairs Committee, where she’s organizing a national conference about the business of war.

AHS Alumni Feature - Carine Ghannoum

When she’s not studying or participating in Moot Court, she’s exploring new hobbies – like fencing, salsa dancing, and gourmet cooking. She also volunteers at a senior home teaching residents about how to use cell phones and computers.

During the summer, Carine has sought out adventure as well. In 2016, after graduating from Heritage, she traveled to Lebanon and Turkey, where she became trapped amid a failed political coup. That, she says, “turned out to be a scary moment, yet an incredible historical experience afterwards.” She’s also interned at Snap Inc., which owns the phone app Snapchat, in San Francisco and the State Attorney’s Office in Miami with the cybercrime team.

Carine plans to return to the United States after graduation to attend law school. Her ultimate goal: become an intellectual property attorney for a tech company. In the meantime, she’ll keep exploring the world around her. “At such a young age, I learned in order to be exceptional, one must be comfortable challenging the norm and achieving the unachievable.”