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Dear Students and Parents, 

We are pleased to report that Phase 1 of our hurricane disaster relief effort was a great success. Each campus was able to collect and transport a truckload of desperately needed supplies to our relief coordinating agencies, Blue Tide Marine and Tropic Ocean Airways to provide immediate relief to the Bahamian people. 

Beginning Monday, September 16th, both campuses will be implementing our second and final phase of support for those affected by Hurricane Dorian. The collection will continue through Wednesday, September 18th.

American Heritage has a very close relationship with many families in the Bahamas. In fact, we have over 22 total alumni from the Delray campus alone from the Bahamas. In an effort to support the on-going hurricane relief effort, we will continue to collect emergency items as designated by NEMA Bahamas (National Emergency Management Agency) which is the Bahamian equivalent of our FEMA, through our connections with Mr. Gregory Burrows, President of Freedom Farm Baseball League. The items will be sent to Tropical Shipping Company in Medley, Florida for immediate transport to Nassau, Bahamas. 

American Heritage School families may participate in our Phase 2 efforts in any of the following ways: 

1. Provide supplies listed on the official hurricane relief supply list below. These types of supplies are being assigned by item to specific grades for ease of collection. 

Donations by Grade Level

PK3-PK4 Toothbrushes and toothpaste

K-1 Hand Sanitizer

2-3 Flashlights

4-5 Non-electric can openers

6 Insect Repellent

7 Gauze and Bandaids

8 Antibiotic Ointment

9 First Aid Supply Kits

10 Batteries (all sizes)

11 Cotton Balls and alcohol wipes

12 Disposable Face Masks and First Aid Supply Kits


2. Make a monetary contribution to A Road For The Cure, a 501(c)3 tax deductible foundation created and overseen by the Head of our American Heritage Pre-Med Program, Dr. Carlos Pulido. We will use the funds collected to purchase and provide essential items such as generators, cots, tarps and tents. These items are not usually that easy for families to buy but we intend to make a bulk purchase from relevant manufacturers in our area so that we can provide specifically requested long-term relief items. Cash or checks made payable to A Road For The Cure should be turned into the Upper School Office. 

3. Collect school supplies for students who will need to transfer to other schools in the Bahamas or in Florida.  All supplies should be sent in a new or used backpack for ease of delivery.

4. We have been informed that a large number of dogs have already been rescued and sent by ship from the hurricane ravaged islands to Florida. Currently these animals are in quarantine and will need permanent homes in the near future. If you are interested in directing supplies to the relevant local animal shelters involved or in adopting one of these animals, please contact Sally Schleifer at American Heritage (561) 212-0904 and she will assist you in contacting the agency in charge of that effort. 

Thank you, as always, for your generosity in support of those people profoundly suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.


Note:  Although it is more efficient to collect the desired items by category, we will, of course, accept donations of mixed supplies from our recommended list in any of the above mentioned categories.