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Fine Arts Scholarship

Fine Art Scholarships are designed for the student who is dedicated to their craft and possibly planning for a career in the arts. Fine Art Scholarships are generally granted to incoming Grade 9 students. Depending on the current needs of our program, a limited number of awards may be available for Grade 10 through Grade 12 applicants.

Once awarded, each recipient’s schedule will include two electives, as assigned, in the Fine Arts. Students on scholarship will be expected to be leaders in their discipline, both in and out of the classroom. After school performances will be required as part of the scholarship contract.

Scholarships are granted based on individual auditions in the following five disciplines only: Musical Theatre, Dance, Band, Orchestra and Theatre Technology.  Unfortunately, we do not offer scholarships for piano, guitar or visual arts.

For audition requirements, please click here: AUDITION REQUIREMENTS.

Prior to registering for an audition, you must speak with an Admissions Director. Our Admissions Department can be reached at 561-808-2598 ext. 219. After speaking with an Admissions Director and receiving the audition registration code please click on the following link to create your User Account: BOOK AUDITION

Please note any student may schedule an audition, however to accept an award the student must have completed the regular admission process and have been granted acceptance. To learn more about our application process please click here: HOW TO APPLY. If you are a current AHS Student or if you are taking the Academic Scholarship Exam on February 2, 2019, you do not have to submit an additional application.

Fine Art Scholarship Auditions will be held on Friday, January 18, 2019. Additional audition dates may be scheduled by appointment based on availability and at the discretion of The Fine Arts Department .  

Audition decisions will be announced on February 1, 2019. Students receiving scholarship offers will have one week to accept  the award. Students who are also taking the Academic Scholarship Test will be required to make their decision by March 5th.