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What Horses Can Teach Your Child

Children and horses have a special connection that teaches lifelong lessons.

Working with horses is one of the best activities for a child. Not only does it foster practical skills like caring for the horse, riding techniques, and sportsmanship, but it also increases a child’s sensitivity and self-esteem. Here are some of the ways that horses can teach your child, and why you may want to get involved with the Equestrian Program at American Heritage School.

Confidence and self-esteem

Research shows that participation in sports plays a significant role in the development of self-esteem and confidence as students grow. Success in equestrian sports means that a student must find his or her voice in leading his or her animal, which helps confidence and self-esteem grow by leaps and bounds.

It takes courage to lead a horse. They are large animals that perform best under a confident hand. Even shy or timid children are often able to transform into confident leaders through equestrianism — it is a natural outcome of caring for and directing a horse.

Empathy and responsibility

Caring for horses takes a lot of time and work, and students must develop a sense of responsibility as they nurture the animals in their care. People are by nature self-absorbed, but caring for an animal means that students must learn to put the horses’ needs first.

Take, for example, a hard ride on a warm day. The student will be hot and sore. However, after a hot, sweaty ride, the horse must be bathed and cooled before the rider. This practice of putting the horses’ needs first helps students develop a sense of personal responsibility and selflessness.

Sports in general offer incredible benefits for developing students. Equestrian athletics go farther by instilling a sense of empathy and personal responsibility by way of the bond students share with their animals.

Horses are naturally sensitive, and their handlers must develop sensitivity to their moods and behaviors. This requires students to practice empathy by giving attention to their horse’s needs in order to elicit the best possible performance from the animal.

A look at equestrian athletics at AHS

At American Heritage School, we understand the challenges that go along with juggling the schedule of a competitive equestrian athlete. That is why we designed our award-winning Equestrian Program to provide each student with a high caliber education while accommodating his or her competition schedule and commitments.

We pride ourselves on offering our distinguished athletes the opportunity to receive a superior college preparatory education without sacrificing the time needed to train.

American Heritage School is committed to student development. Please browse through our website to learn more about our school and all of our offerings. Contact us to schedule a personalized campus tour so you can see for yourself how we prepare students to be successful adults.