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Learning Experience

At American Academy, we provide positive learning experiences for each student. Our small classes are staffed by teaching professionals who create a non-threatening and supportive classroom environment. We help each student overcome past failures and frustrations by carefully assigning academic tasks that will lead to success. As a child's skills and confidence grow, we work with him/her to master progressively more challenging learning materials.

At every grade level, we closely monitor each student's academic progress and also see that he or she grows in self-confidence and motivation.

We believe that students with dyslexia or A.D.D. can benefit greatly from a well-rounded program that promotes development of social, athletic and creative skills as well as leadership and cooperation. We are unique among alternative schools, in that we offer a complete program on a beautiful, spacious campus.

In addition, we understand the need for discipline in an effective learning environment and have a structured, fair discipline policy in place.