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American Academy Overview GRADES K - 12
Lower School K - 5 Upper School 6 - 12

American Academy is a private nonsectarian college preparatory school for students with average to gifted intelligence who are working below grade level. By using a variety of proven teaching methods, and very small pupil to teacher ratios, we work effectively with students with learning difficulties. Our goal is to strengthen each student's basic skills, motivation and self-esteem. The program is not designed to accommodate the needs of students with severe learning or emotional problems.

Our Mission

Our mission at American Academy is to play an active role in each student's life by providing support while building a strong educational foundation that enables students to think, communicate, create and apply learning experiences to succeed in school, college, and their career.

Our Philosophy

At American Academy, we believe that each student's educational experience should provide for his or her academic needs and for the full development of the student's intellectual and creative potential. It is also our belief that acquiring the skills for learning is essential in preparing our students to become productive members of today's high-tech society.

The Academy provides a structured and supportive learning environment in which we nurture the growth of self-esteem, motivation and self-confidence. We help our students overcome their frustrations and fear of learning by developing the ability to learn effectively. We believe the development of academic skills in this supportive atmosphere is the key to a student's future success in school and in life.

Our teachers possess the expertise and experience required to deal appropriately with the various learning styles of our students. They share the goal of developing skills and positive attitudes to help students become productive and successful learners.

In addition to the unique academic program provided by the Academy, students also participate in enrichment classes in the science lab and computer lab, as well as in the arts and physical education.