Medical Professions Program

American Heritage School is proud to offer the Medical Professions Program–a Pre-Med track ideal for students who want to prepare for a career as a physician, surgeon, or specialist in areas such as osteopathy, physical therapy, dentistry, chiropractic, veterinary, etc.

From ninth through twelfth grades, students follow an expertly designed course of study, which helps to ready them for college and beyond. Courses in the Medical Professions Program are college-level and taught by currently practicing professionals with real world experience in specific fields.

At all levels, the curriculum is enhanced by contact with health professionals through opportunities such as:




In order to complete Medical Professions Program, students must take a total of 9 academic credits (8 required and 1 elective). It is important that students plan carefully from the start of their High School career in order to complete all program requirements by senior year. In order to complete the program, students must forfeit their independent period and take seven classes each semester.

Students are required to maintain a 3.5 GPA in all Pre-Med courses in order to remain in the program.

The Medical Professions Program has generated a great deal of interest among our high school students. In addition to classes, students may participate in the Pre-Med Society. All students in the Medical Professions Program participate, but so do many other students who find the Society’s activities interesting and different. Membership in the Society approaches 100 students.

American Heritage Pre-Med Club Holiday Party Chris Evert Hospital's Cancer Unit

The activities of the Pre-Med Society are totally unique and designed to give “real life” experiences to students considering the medical profession. Often, students attend presentations given by medical specialists, such as Dr. Reinhard Motte, Associate Medical Examiner. He gives a presentation depicting victims of violent crime and/or drug abuse. Some students have worked with Dr. Motte as part of the Medical Professions Internship Program, and students have spent time with him at crime scenes and observing autopsies. Other health care professionals who have made presentations at Pre-Med Society meetings include dermatologists, plastic surgeons, veterinarians, and dentists.



  • Honors Medical Terminology (.5 credit)
  • Honors Biology (1credit)
  • Honors Embryology (.5 credit)
  • Honors Chemistry (1credit)
  • AP Chemistry (1credit)
  • Honors Organic Chemistry (.5 credit)
  • Honors Anatomy and Physiology (1credit)
  • AP Biology (1credit)
  • Honors Pathology (.5 credit)
  • Honors or AP Physics (1credit)
  • Premed Internship Semester 2 (.5 credit)
  • Electives: (choose ONE)
    • Forensic Science Honors (.5 credit)
    • Honors Molecular Biology (1credit)


NOTE: An “AP” prefix to the course name designates Advanced Placement. These are college-level courses in which a student may earn college credit upon successful completion of the Advanced Placement Exam. Students participating in an Advanced Placement course are required to take this exam in addition to other course requirements.


Medical Professions Program Participating Physicians (PDF)