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iPad Program grades (6- 12)


All students in grades 6-12 are required to have an iPad. The majority of textbooks are accessed only through the iPad, and teachers use the iPad as an instructional tool. The information below should help answer many of the questions you might have regarding our iPad program.

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Should we get wireless or cellular?

American Heritage School has a campus-wide high speed Wi-Fi network. All students in grades 6-12 will be able to access this network on their iPads. The Wi-Fi version will adequately meet the needs of students on campus and at home, if you have Wi-Fi there. The wireless version of the iPad is generally less expensive than the cellular options.

iPads with 4G/LTE (cellular) capabilities are NOT necessary; however, some people may prefer to opt for the cellular version, which will provide Internet access anywhere. If you choose to purchase a cellular model, a contract with a carrier is required with a monthly service fee based on data plans. Please note: Students who have the ability to access the internet through 4G/LTE will have the ability to access social media or inappropriate sites on school grounds.

How much storage will we need?

The iPad is currently available with multiple storage capacities: 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. We highly recommend that you purchase the iPad with at least 64GB or more of storage space. From our research, we have found that some textbooks that students will want to use must be downloaded and can consume large amounts of data. Some are as large as 2 - 4GB each. If a student needs to download 5 textbooks at 3GB each, they alone will utilize 15GB of storage. While students may not initially find they need the larger capacity (especially, at first, if they use a combination of digital and hardcopy texts), we feel that in the future, the need for more space may become a problem. Since it is not possible to add storage at a later date, we recommend purchasing the iPad with the largest storage capacity.

What if we already own an iPad with less storage?

If your child already has an iPad with less than 64GB of storage, he/she will still be able to use it at school. Some textbooks are accessed online and do not take up space. Students can also learn how to manage their apps, data, and updates to manage space efficiently. By using cloud storage, students may be able to free up space needed to download textbooks. If you plan to purchase a new iPad, however, we do strongly recommend at least the 64GB version to ensure the most functionality.

What about the mini?

The choice between mini and full-sized is yours and should be based on comfort. The mini is less expensive, but some students find the full-sized iPad is easier to manipulate, and the screen is better for viewing textbooks and class notes. American Heritage School will allow either version of the iPad on campus, however, we strongly recommend the full-sized version. Please note: As of January 2018, the iPad Mini 1st generation will no longer be an approved school device.

What about android devices?

The Apple iPad is the mobile device of choice for American Heritage School. Because our campus is an Apple school, using iPads will allow for a more seamless transition between desktops and mobile devices. In addition, iBook textbooks will not run on Android devices. If textbooks chosen by teachers are in the iBook reader, students with devices that are not Apple will not be able to access those textbooks. Also, some apps that our teachers and students will use are not available on Android devices. For these reasons, the iPad is the mobile device of choice at American Heritage School.

What iPad does American Heritage recommend?

We recommend the iPad Pro Series, new iPad Air (3rd generation), or the 6th Generation iPad (these all work with Apple pencil).  We recommend at least 64GB of storage. Please note:  As of January 2018, the iPad 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th  generation will no longer be an approved school device.

What procedures has the school implemented to prevent students from visiting social media or inappropriate websites.

The school has firewalls in place that prevent students from getting onto unapproved sites. Students and teachers will be working collaboratively, which means that teachers will be walking the classroom and engaging students. Teachers will be able to easily spot students who are not participating or off task.

Why the iPad?

The iPad is our mobile technology tool of choice at this time and the only one that students will be able to bring to school. iPads were specifically chosen because of their superior durability, battery life and the great number of educational apps. In addition, our teachers and staff are trained on the iPad and use it daily. They will be accessing the same digital texts as students will through their own iPads. By ensuring that everyone across campus is using the same operating system, we will create a supportive environment where everyone can work together to solve problems and learn.

What security procedures has the school implemented to make sure that the iPads are safe?

Students are responsible for their belongings. That includes purses, wallets, expensive textbooks, smart phones, and their iPad. All students will register their iPads in the Library/Media Center before they are given access to the wireless network. This will allow us to track iPads while on campus and monitor usage. All parents are asked to download and enable the “Find My iPad” app, which will assist your son/daughter and the school to find their iPad if it is lost or stolen.

Can iPads be used anywhere on campus?

Yes, American Heritage School has school-wide Wi-Fi, which means that students will be able to use their iPads in all classrooms, in the Library/Media Center and in outside areas as well. All students must register their iPad in the Library/Media Center before they are able to access the wireless network. Students may only access the wireless network through their iPads; they may not access it through iPhones or other mobile devices

What should students do to backup their iPads?

iCloud and iTunes can back up most data on your iPad. Learn how to backup your iPad using iCloud or iTunes. Click HERE ( and expand the section you wish to learn more about.

Will each student be given an email address?

Students in grades K-12 are issued a Google Suite for Education email account.

Will students be able to charge their iPads at school?

It will be the responsibility of the student to come to school with the device fully charged. With at least a ten-hour battery life, they will not need to recharge during the school day. Students should not expect that charging is available to them in classrooms during the school day. The Library/Media Center has charging stations for student use during appropriate times.

Will there be rules and guidelines regarding iPad use on campus?

Yes. We have a Student iPad Acceptable Use Policy that all students are required to follow. Students and parents are required to sign an iPad Student/Parent Agreement and abide by our Digital Citizenship Agreement as outlined in our student handbook

What happens when a new model is released and/or new technologies emerge?

Technology is changing and evolving constantly, and American Heritage will evaluate new products and make adjustments as necessary. For us, the device is simply a tool to be used in the service of teaching and learning. Education must always come before any particular educational tool — whether a desk, a textbook, a ruler, a calculator, or an iPad.

How will students save documents?

Students can save documents using their Google Drive through their Google Suite account provided by the school. iCloud can be activated to automatically sync files created in Pages, Numbers and Keynote. By using these accounts, documents can be saved and exported in various formats for later use and students will have access to documents from other computers via the Internet. These files can then be shared with classmates and/or teachers.

Will students only be using digital books (ebooks)?

While a great majority of the books students will use, the iPad does not replace textbooks 100%. Even though it is our goal to reduce the cost and weight of textbooks, American Heritage is focused on using the best available materials for each learning environment. With this hybrid approach, the school hopes a significant savings will eventually be passed on to families. All families will purchase hardcopy textbooks through MBS Direct. Digital materials will be delivered by the classroom teachers in the beginning of the semester.

Is help available if a student is having trouble with his or her iPad?

The Library/Media Center staff is available throughout the day to assist students with iPad questions. There will be a specific area in the Library dedicated to iPad help. Students can get assistance with setting up their email or Google Drives accounts, troubleshooting with digital textbooks, or any other troubleshooting questions. We do not, however, offer any sort of repair service on campus. Please bring your iPad to the Apple Store or go through any private insurance provider you may have chosen if your iPad is broken or damaged.

What about insurance?

It is a good idea to consider some sort of insurance for your child’s iPad. Every iPad comes with one year of hardware repair coverage through the limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support. AppleCare+ for iPad extends your coverage for two years from the original purchase date of your iPad. You should also check with your homeowners, renters, and/or car insurance to see if loss or damage to an iPad would be covered. If you are interested in purchasing outside insurance for your iPad, there are many options out there.