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What Students Should Know About the Pre-Law Program at AHS

The Case for Future Lawyers: Pre-Law Program at American Heritage Schools

high school pre-law students conducting a mock trial
An in-depth look at the pre-law program at American Heritage Schools
Benefits of the Pre-Law program:
  • The curriculum includes advanced subjects in law
  • All classes are taught by experienced law professionals
  • Students can participate in a series of specialty internships
  • There are memberships to prestigious professional societies
  • The program has national competitions and events
  • There are local community service opportunities for students
  • There is an opportunity to enhance college applications
  • The program prepares students for future careers
Interested in a career in the legal field? The Pre-Law Program at American Heritage Schools is designed to teach the basics of the legal profession and give you an edge when applying for colleges.
We discuss the aspects of the Pre-Law Program, including its purpose, the curriculum, and how it will prepare you for college and a profession in the legal field.
Pre-Law Program
The Honors Legal Studies Program at American Heritage Schools was developed in 2003 and is the second pre-professional program developed at our school. Students in the program are challenged with a college-level curriculum that introduces them to common legal terms and events and prepares them for a variety of careers in the legal industry. All classes are taught by legal professionals, including attorneys and judges.
Courses include:
  • Honors Business Law
  • Honors Criminal Law
  • Honors Criminal Procedures
  • Honors Tort Law
  • Honors Constitutional Law
  • Honors Juvenile Law
  • Honors Homicide Law
  • Honors Family Law
  • Honors Evidence
  • Honors Trial Advocacy
Pre-Law internships
As a student in the Pre-Law Program, you will get to experience different areas of legal practice so you can begin to understand how the law is applied to real-world situations. You will be able to rotate through a variety of internships at law firms, agencies, offices, and courtrooms in South Florida.
You will also be able to visit places of interest, such as the Judicial Circuit, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the State Attorney’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.
Memberships, competitions, and recognition
As a Pre-Law student, you will be eligible to join the prestigious Pre-Law Society, which is one of the largest student-led campus organizations. You will explore current topics of interest in the legal profession. There will be opportunities to hear guest lectures from attorneys and judges involved in different legal specialties. You will also have the chance to participate in Mock Trial and Moot Court.
Community service
The Pre-Law Society is involved in several fundraisers and important causes. One of the most well-known events is the “Stand Up For Innocence” comedy show, which benefits the Innocence Project of Florida.
Other events have included:
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American Heritage Schools are dedicated to helping students achieve their career dreams, no matter what they might be. We offer Pre-Professional Programs for a variety of industries, such as the Pre-Law program. Aside from Pre-Law, we offer programs in:

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