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Choosing the right path for foreign language study

Choosing the right path for foreign language study

Top foreign languages to study

Foreign Language Study

Top foreign languages to study:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Mandarin Chinese
There are many benefits of learning a second language. In some cases, it may be required, especially in middle and high school. However, a foreign language can also help students expand their knowledge and understanding of other cultures. So, which language should your child study? Is one better than another? What should you consider when making a choice?
We review the benefits of the various languages offered at American Heritage Schools so you can make the best choice for your family. 

Reasons to study Spanish

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. There are more than 450 million Spanish speakers, making it second only to Chinese. Spanish is the official language of Spain, but it is also spoken throughout Central and South America and various Caribbean Islands (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic). Here in the U.S., around 43 million people speak Spanish as a first language, while another 12 million are bilingual.
In terms of “popularity,” it certainly makes sense to study Spanish. Knowing Spanish can increase future job prospects, especially in certain parts of the country or certain industries, such as finance, business, healthcare, legal, and travel/tourism/hospitality.
Another factor in favor of Spanish is that it is one of the easiest languages for children to learn. Since Spanish has Latin roots, there are many similarities to English.

Reasons to study French

Around 275 million people around the world speak French. Outside of France, it is also spoken in Haiti, parts of Canada, Belgium, parts of Switzerland, and many countries throughout Africa.
Why does it make sense to study French? It is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It is also one of the most utilized languages in art, poetry and literature, the culinary arts, and the fashion industry.
Like Spanish, French has its roots in Latin, so it has many of the same basic rules. There are also many similarities with English, including grammar, vocabulary, and phonology.

Reasons to study Mandarin Chinese

Sheer numbers make Mandarin a smart language to study. There are over one billion Chinese speakers throughout the world. Chinese culture permeates many aspects of the world’s culture when it comes to food, the arts, business, commerce, and politics. Many multinational companies do business in China or have offices in the country, with the goal of targeting 1 billion consumers.
Chinese is quite different from the more familiar Latin-based languages such as Spanish and French. It is a tonal language, which uses pitch to denote word or grammar differences. The written language also uses pictures or characters rather than standard words.

Learning a second language gives your child a bright future

The benefits of learning a foreign language are well-known. Choosing a language to study takes a lot of consideration. This overview can help narrow down the options for your child. American Heritage Schools offer comprehensive foreign language studies in Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese.
Along with foreign language studies, we also offer rigorous academics while focusing on developing students of character with the skills to succeed in the future.

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