Get a Head Start: Begin Computer Science Studies before College

Computer science is a solid science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) career choice for any student interested in technology innovation

With a computer science education, you will be well equipped to stay on the forefront of new and exciting movements in the technology sector.

If you are interested in pursuing this career – do not wait! You can begin your computer science education by getting a solid foundation in important basic principles and methods at any age. If you know you want to earn a computer science degree, waiting until you get to college might cost you valuable learning opportunities.

Tech Jobs of the future

We have already written at length about the value of computer science in today’s job market. Still, it bears repeating: “58% of all new science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) center around coding, yet only 10% of STEM graduates pursue computer science … overlooking computer science, either as a major or a subsidiary study track, can lower your qualifications in the STEM job market.”

With STEM fields growing rapidly, choosing a career in computer science can open doors for you in almost any industry, from health care to entrepreneurship. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that STEM jobs grew by 10.5 % between 2009 and 2015 – more than double the modest growth of 5.2 % for other non-STEM fields during the same period.

Because 58 % of STEM jobs center on computer science and coding, choosing to study computer science is a solid entry point into this lucrative and growing job market.

Attracting students to the field

Despite the growing job market and high-paying salaries, many companies are struggling to attract prospects. An underwhelming 30,000 students took the AP computer science test in 2013, and reports that just 61,642 new computer science graduates entered the workforce in 2018 – yet there are over 480,000 jobs available!

This means that for today’s students, the future is wide and bright for choosing this career pathway. Huge job potential, high salaries, and limited competition make this an excellent potential choice for young people.

Computer science at American Heritage School

AHS is working hard to position our students to take full advantage of the incredible opportunity afforded by a computer science degree.

The Computer Science Program at AHS provides specialized college-level courses, internships, and real-life experiences to students who are interested in this field. The courses are taught by industry professionals who are currently practicing. Students will also complete an internship that features rotation through different areas of computer science.

This program provides students with the chance to determine if the computer science field is a profession they would like to pursue.

American Heritage School is committed to student development. Please browse through our website to learn more about our school and all our offerings. Contact us to schedule a personalized campus tour so you can see for yourself why we are the best.