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New Honors Business & Entrepreneurship Program Boasts Remarkable Expert Instructors

A former president of SC Johnson, an entrepreneur and business owner, a partner at a national accounting firm, a managing director at a financial advisory firm, and an owner of five successful businesses - it’s a list that reads like professors at an Ivy League Business School, but they are captains of industry who teach classes every day at American Heritage School’s new Business & Entrepreneurship Program

Entering its second year on the Broward Campus and its first year on the Palm Beach Campus, hundreds of students have already chosen this four-year, pre-professional program. The honors courses include: Business Essentials, Business Entrepreneurship, Principles of Finance and Accounting, Principles of Marketing, Business Management, and Business Communications. The curriculum culminates in a power-packed internship program during the students’ senior year. Students in the pre-professional Business program will meet with top South Florida CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and entrepreneurs, engage in real-life business experiences, and make invaluable connections.

Students also participate in The Business Society, a club for students in 7th to 12th grade. The Society meets two times each month to keep students informed about the program and give them the opportunity to consider a career in business before they get to college. Also, the Business Society will assist those with an interest in pursuing business and entrepreneurship, by providing a foundation for learning through guest speakers, seminars, social impact projects, and competition opportunities. 

The competition arm of the program is our award-winning Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) team that has been recognized as one of the best in Florida. Students compete against high schools locally and throughout the nation using skills that they have developed in class, in The Society, and during their internships essential in the business world.

Heading the Business Program is successful businesswoman and veteran educator, Clavette Phillip. “American Heritage School is thrilled to see so many students who want to commit to the entire program or just give it a try,” said Mrs. Phillip. “The unique college-level classes will give them the advantage no other school can for Business School and for life in general,” she added. 

The new Business & Entrepreneurship Program at American Heritage marks the sixth pre-professional offering along with Pre-Medical, Pre-Law, Pre-Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Computer Science.