Developing the Creative Impulse Enriches Childhood and Builds an Adaptive Future, Blog

Creativity is more than a positive expression; it is a vital contributor to the health and happiness of all children. It promotes self-confidence, fosters flexible thinking and boosts problem-solving capabilities. Each of these serves a child well at every stage of their academic career and help build innovative and adaptive adults.

Empowering Students With ADD and ADHD, Students with mild learning differences

It is a challenge as old as teaching itself—keep your students' attention. With our increasingly interconnected world, and distraction available at the swipe of a finger, that task remains as daunting as ever.

An Overview of the ACT College Entrance Exam

The competition to get into the best college is high, but what can set students apart are their scores on the ACT. We dive into the ACT to give students the best chance of getting a high score.