Dear Alumni,

American Heritage stands against all racial discrimination and embraces all cultures. We have prided ourselves on being one of the most diverse private schools in the country. We support efforts to end racism against black people and anyone who is oppressed, regardless of race or religion. With the help of our students and faculty, we have committed ourselves to many community organizations.

For 18 years our school has donated money, time, and effort to the Boys and Girls Clubs to ensure a better future for 12,000 underprivileged children. For 20 years we have donated time and money to Broward General Pediatrics to help underprivileged children who are suffering from cancer. Additionally, through The Innocence Project, American Heritage has helped countless minority victims of the legal system who were unjustly incarcerated. Through Holocaust Remembrance and the Genocide Project, students and faculty helped raise awareness of the ethnic racial and religious genocide that still exists in the world and must be stopped. The list of charities and movements to better the world, of which you have been a part, could continue for several pages. American Heritage stands with our black community and is committed to helping to end racism, as we always have and always will.

Our institution stands for love and understanding of everyone; the diverse fabric of our school's culture demands it.

Alumni, as you navigate this world, I hope that you have benefited from the melting pot that is American Heritage and have learned not to judge before knowing, not to criticize before listening, but will continue to try to find understanding and love for all people even though they might not completely agree with you. I hope by being a student at American Heritage you will go on to change this world for the better. We will invite all Alumni who would like to speak constructively about what we are doing and what will be doing to help the cause. 

We will welcome suggestions from all those who attend. Let's work on this together. #blacklivesmatter #endracism

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William R. Laurie
CEO & Founder
Dr. Douglas R. Laurie
Leslie L. Wood

And the entire Administration of American Heritage Schools