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American Heritage Schools Achieves Remarkable AP Passing Rates, Surpassing State and Global Averages

American Heritage Schools is thrilled to share the outstanding achievements in the Advanced Placement (AP) exams for 2023! With a remarkable 93% of our students earning a 3 or higher, AHS has surpassed not only the state average of 61% but also the global average of 66%. This accomplishment solidifies American Heritage Schools as a leading institution for college preparation nationwide. Moreover, our school takes pride in being the top private school with the highest number of National Merit Scholars and Presidential Scholars.

With this AP passing rate achieved during the 2022 - 2023 school year, our students and faculty have once again showcased their dedication and commitment to academic success.

AP Test Scores Passing Rate By Subject

By offering a comprehensive selection of AP subjects, American Heritage Schools empowers students with the opportunity to pursue college-level coursework while still in high school. Achieving a score of three or higher on the College Board exams enables our students to earn college credits, providing them with a head start in their higher education journey. These credits can exempt them from introductory courses, allowing them to save both time and money and potentially graduate early. Additionally, excelling in AP exams demonstrates to colleges and universities the students' motivation, readiness, and ability to thrive in a collegiate environment.
With approximately 30 AP subjects available out of a total of 38, American Heritage Schools provides a breadth of options unmatched by many institutions. This ensures that our students have a wealth of opportunities to explore their academic interests and passions throughout their four years at AHS.
One key factor contributing to our success is our exceptional faculty. Our dedicated teachers impart their knowledge and expertise in their respective subjects, ensuring our students receive the highest quality education. It is worth noting that some of our esteemed AP teachers have even been selected by the College Board to contribute to the development of test questions, proofreading, and providing valuable advice on test content.
Congratulations to all the AP students for their remarkable achievements in AP exams, continuing the standard of excellence at American Heritage Schools. We look forward to witnessing their continued success as they embark on their bright futures in higher education and beyond.
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