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2022 Top College Acceptances

Top Private School Celebrates Seniors’ College Acceptances to Elite Universities 

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American Heritage Schools is a nationally recognized college preparatory school with a strong commitment to academic excellence.  American Heritage is No. 1 in Florida for the highest number of National Merit Scholars and for the highest number of U.S. Presidential Scholar Candidates.  Each year, 100% of the senior class are accepted to colleges and universities; this was another banner year for top acceptances to the nation's finest colleges and universities. 

"All I heard from families coming into admissions, families from all around the country, is what a difficult year it has been for college acceptances. To see such great acceptances, so many students getting into the top universities in the country. It is amazing, really amazing in a difficult year for graduating students. I am so proud of the American Heritage School's class of 2023,” said Marc Shaw, Executive Director of Admissions.


2022 College Acceptances


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Student Testimonials

"American Heritage has played a major role in my early acceptance to Princeton University by providing a great educational environment unlike any other high school. The Pre-Engineering Program allowed me to learn through several engineering classes, participate in internships with major engineering companies, and design and create products in the engineering and robotics lab to get real-world experience, which inspired me to choose a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a career at an engineering firm."
Krishna Sorna


"Being in classes with engaged students who are genuinely interested in their coursework has motivated me to likewise involve myself in my studies and give my classes my all. Moving forward with this motivation and trust that my future teachers will also be there for me, I definitely feel prepared for college at Duke University"
Charlotte Caddell
Duke University





"American Heritage gave me the confidence I’ll need to tackle challenges in college. I know Stanford won’t be easy, but the combination of academic rigor and supportive community at American Heritage has prepared me to handle the intensity of university coursework and enjoy spending time with the plethora of people I’ll meet along the way. American Heritage is all about balance, and I can’t wait to bring that tradition to Stanford and beyond."  “The breadth of resources offered at American Heritage allowed me to discover my passions. I entered high school completely unaware of what I’d study in college, and four years later, I leave American Heritage knowing I want to study Statistics and pursue a career utilizing quantitative research to derive public policy solutions. My experience at American Heritage competing on both the Speech and Debate Team and Math Competition Team have prepared me to dive headfirst into this field when I arrive at Stanford, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity. ”
Odin Farkas
Stanford University


“I’m planning on majoring in Bioengineering and hopefully will go into management in biotech. I think American Heritage had prepared me very well in providing me with an abundance of resources like a BSL-level 2 lab and wonderful mentors that allowed me to pursue my interests in STEM at UPenn.”
Megan Yang
University of Pennsylvania




"My intended major is computer and electrical engineering and my future plan is for a career in the tech industry. American Heritage’s pre-professional track, Pre-Engineering, allowed me to explore my interest and passion for engineering and design to a higher level; it was a one-of-a-kind opportunity that led me to choose the major which I intend to pursue at Columbia University."
Nigel Alexis
Columbia University



"My favorite part about American Heritage has been the variety of classes, such as the business courses, which gave me a chance to learn more about my interests and helped me better determine what I’m interested in studying at Northwestern."
Carli Fleisher




"American Heritage has helped prepare me for college at Cornell University and beyond by teaching me that respecting individuals and their talents is as important as academic learning. While achieving good grades in rigorous classes is important, it is just as important to have a balance and participate in community service and hobbies."
Kelly Lannon
Cornell University



"I plan to double major in political economy and finance at Georgetown, and the pre-law track at American Heritage motivated me to participate in mock trial and moot court competitions and serve as the President of the Heritage Chapter of the Florida Law Honor Society. Those experiences helped with both my social capacity and my academic ability to work hard and succeed."
Alexis Nguyen



"American Heritage does a great job of making sure the students are comfortable in class and understand the material, and I feel that only comes with experience of the teachers who make sure the students have the proper tools to achieve the goals they want."
Justin Sun
Carnegie Mellon




Colleges/Universities Class of 2022
 Princeton 5
 Columbia 8
 Harvard 3
 MIT 1
 Yale 2
 Stanford 2
 University of Chicago 6
 University of Pennsylvania 5
 Cal Tech 1
 Duke 9
 Johns Hopkins University 3
 Northwestern 12
 West Point 2
 Dartmouth 2
 Brown 3
 Vanderbilt 16
 Washington University in St. Louis 9
 Cornell 10
 Rice University 8
 Emory 13
 UC Berkeley 7
 Georgetown 6
 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor 20
 Carnegie Mellon 11
 University of Virginia 6
 University of Southern California 8
 New York University 10
 UC: Santa Barbara 3
 University of Florida 149
 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 5
 Wake Forest 3
 Harvey Mudd 1
 University of Rochester 2
 Boston College 9
 Georgia Tech 12
 UC: Davis 7
 Boston University 3
 Case Western Reserve University 9
 Tulane 13
 Northeastern University 16
 Villanova 2
 Williams College 1
 Wellesley 1
 Naval Academy 1
 Davidson College 1
 Wesleyan 1

Order of school rankings are based on Top 50 institutions from U.S. News and World's Report's National Universities and Top 20 National Liberal Art Colleges.