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American Heritage Achieves Greatness

2021 AP Scores - American Heritage Achieves Greatness


American Heritage Schools is excited to announce that the percentage of students who earned a 3 or above in the AP (Advanced Placement) test is 94%*. “This score places American Heritage Schools as one of the leading college preparatory schools with almost twice the state and national averages. This prestigious distinction, combined with being one of the top private schools in the nation for the most National Merit scholars secures our place as the Number One Private School in the Nation” stated Dr. Douglas R. Laurie, President of American Heritage Schools.

We pride ourselves academically as our students score higher than the Florida average of 53% and Global average of 60%. We are very proud that the average passing rate at AHS is a four or higher and 16 classes* had a 100% student pass rate with an average score of four.

Advanced Placement classes (AP), allow students to take college level courses while still in high school. By taking these classes and scoring a three or higher on the exams given by College Board, students may earn college credits before graduating high school. The benefits include: skipping introductory courses upon entering college, allowing openings in their schedule which in turn saves money and gives them the option to graduate early. It is also a great way to show colleges and universities they are motivated to succeed, enroll and stay in college and graduate in four years.

Out of a total of 38 AP subjects available, American Heritage Schools offer approximately 30 of them. The number of options offered is higher than any one student can take in their four years at AHS.

“Year after year, I have observed the growth, expansion and success of our AP program with pride and I am humbled and grateful for the ability to teach students that think critically, study hard, and manage their time to succeed not only in my class, but also in other rigorous classes and extracurricular activities.”

Leya Joykutty, AP Biology

A contributing factor to our success is our faculty retention and the knowledge they impart in their classes. Some of our AP teachers have been selected by the College Board to sit on a panel that reviews questions, proofread and give advice on test content.

At American Heritage Schools, the dedication and hard work of our students and faculty combined is evidence of our success.

AP Test Scores Passing Rate By Subject

2021 AP Scores - American Heritage Achieves Greatness
2021 AP Scores - American Heritage Achieves Greatness
2021 AP Scores - American Heritage Achieves Greatness

*Combined campus results

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