Palm Beach Plan 2020-2021


Safety Procedures

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Temperature Procedures

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Facemask & Cleanliness

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Sick Child Protocol

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Our team of administrators, medical professionals, epidemiologists, and nursing staff  on both campuses will continue to meet daily to plan for the upcoming year, and you can expect this information to be revised and extended. We will update you with any changes and more detailed information prior to the start of the school year.

We are taking a five-pronged approach to keeping our students, faculty, and staff safe at school. 

The five keys are:

  1. Sanitation
  2. Face coverings and hand washing
  3. Health protocols
  4. Social distancing
  5. Optional concurrent distance learning 
    (Live 5 days per week)



The school has significantly increased cleaning protocols to ensure the cleanest and healthiest environment possible at all times. 


Face Coverings and Hand Washing

Everyone on campus must be wearing a face mask at all times (except when eating lunch which will require social distancing). Any solid color mask which meets the guidelines linked below may be worn. The use of a face covering can potentially slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.


Health Protocols


Social Distancing

Student workspaces will be distanced between 3-6 feet apart. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Evidence suggests that spacing as close as 3 feet may approach the benefits of 6 feet of space, particularly if students are wearing face coverings and are asymptomatic.” Extraneous furniture will be removed from the classrooms. Larger classes may be moved to bigger spaces. Students will be encouraged to maintain proper physical distancing throughout the school day. Start time for Upper and Lower School will be staggered to reduce the number of students entering and exiting campus at the same time. This will allow for two separate bus routes; one for upper school students, and a later morning route for lower school students providing greater social distancing on the buses.


Optional Concurrent Distance Learning (Live 5 Days per Week)

We realize regardless of the changes we implement and the systems we put into place, some families are not going to feel comfortable sending their students back to school physically. For this reason, we have installed state of the art camera systems in all classrooms to facilitate an optional concurrent distance learning program. Students who choose to learn from home will be able to log in daily to participate in live classes five days per week. Click HERE for more information about this program.


Full-Time Distance Learning Program (if needed)

The school is also preparing for the possibility that we could be required to return to a full-time distance learning program at some point during the year. This program will look significantly different than the emergency program we implemented in the spring. With time to reflect and plan, we have created a more robust program which will provide students with additional structure while keeping in mind the importance of school/life balance. Teachers will receive ongoing professional development to assist with the transition to the concurrent program and the potential for a full-time program at some point in the future. The program will be live classes five days per week for a full school day using our state of the art camera technology.