Heritage Aquatic Program and Swimming Lessons

Expert and world-renowned swim instructors
Nobutaka and Carole Tan
Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald Swimming Coach of the Year for multiple years from 1996 - 2015
Now available at AMERICAN HERITAGE SUMMER DAY CAMPS to teach swimming lessons to children of all ages!

Heritage Swimming Lessons Heritage Swimming Lessons


Basic Beginner

  • Ages 1 and up
  • Start early! Get over the fear of water and learn survival skills.
  • 5 consecutive days
  • 30-minute lessons
  • $200


  • Basic swimming skills advance to more developed stroke skills such as:
  • Freestyle
  • Back stroke
  • Breast stroke


  • Private Lessons: 5 lessons, 30 minutes - $200
  • Group Lessons: 10 lessons, 30 minutes - $180
  • We also offer a Camp Combo program with swimming lessons given during camp.

Call us at 954-472-0022 ext. 3203