American Heritage Summer

Heritage Summer Institute for Advanced Students

Introducing the new American Heritage Summer Institute–an academic enrichment program for high achievers of all ages who want to pursue an existing passion, explore something new, or improve upon an important academic skill.

  • Grades PK3–12
  • High school students who want to advance academically by earning extra credits during the summer
  • Dedicated faculty is comprised of career educators, as well as professionals currently practicing in their fields.
  • Free express bus transportation is available throughout Broward and Miami (am only).
  • 40-acre campus in Plantation with investigative science labs facilitated by Ph.D. research scientists, engineering and robotics labs, mock courtroom, media centers and computer labs, outdoor environmental classrooms with a certified wildlife habitat, Center for the Arts, Olympic-size pool, sports fields, and quiet courtyards.

Course Offering (High School)

Pre-Med – Medical Terminology Honors (High School)

Grades: 9–12 (Credits: 0.5 ) Session: I

Medical Terminology is the first course students take in the American Heritage School Honors Pre-Medical Program. Instruction is at the college level by a medical doctor. Students will study the language of medicine through an understanding of Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes. The course also involves the study of the human body by systems, and introduces pathology and medical procedures.

Physical Science Honors - pre-req

Pre-Med Embryology Honors (High School)

Grades: 9–12 (Credits: 0.5) Session: I

Knowledge of human embryology provides students pursuing the Pre-Med track with a logical framework for understanding adult anatomy. This course bridges basic science with clinical science, as students study the changes in the developing organism over time, the phases of human embryogenesis, and the body axes and their correspondence from embryonic life to adult life. Prerequisite: Medical Terminology

Pre-Law – Business Law Honors (High School)

Grades: 9–12| (Credits: 1.0) Sessions: I & II

Business Law is the introductory course for the American Heritage School Honors Pre-Law Program. This is a 6-week/2-session course designed to introduce students to various aspects of the law, jurisprudence, and the workings of our legal system. Students will learn to brief cases using an analytical and critical thinking technique, and write papers focusing on interpretive problem solving skills.

Honors English - pre-req

Coding with Java (High School)

Grades: 9–12 (Credits: 1.0) Sessions: I & II

The fundamentals of computer programming are emphasized in this 6-week/2-session course

that uses the modern, object-oriented computer language of Java to explore program design and development. Students gain practical experience in programming concepts, algorithms, good style, documentation, and data structures. Prerequisite: Students must have completed Algebra II with an A- or higher.

SAT & ACT Test Prep (High School)

Grades: 11–12 Sessions: I, II, III

An intensive 3-week 60-hour program, this course will prepare students for the SAT and ACT exams necessary for college admissions. Ray Dass's exceptional team of instructors will review core concepts, skills, and strategies necessary for best performance on these exams. The class will include four proctored practice tests.

College Writing (High School)

Grades: 11–12 (Credits: 0.5) Sessions: I, II, III

Students will prepare for the level of writing expected in college courses by elevating their level of rhetoric, syntax, and analysis; practicing the essay portion of the SAT; and understanding the college application essay. Students will learn to improve their writing through planning, pre-writing, writing a first draft, proofreading, editing, revising, and publishing a final draft.

Writing Seminar (High School)

Grades: 9–10 (Credits: 0.5) Sessions: I, II, III

The Writing Seminar is designed to strengthen writing skills as students are exposed to various aspects of composition. This class emphasizes the techniques of combining, rearranging, expanding, and subtracting to improve a student’s rhetoric and syntax.

Visual Concepts (High School)

Grades: 9–12 (Credits: 0.5) Session: I, II, III

This introductory course to visual arts introduces students to the processes, tools, principles, and elements of design for various art forms. The curriculum incorporates art history from pre-historic times to current day art and integrates aesthetics with art production.

P.E. Core Fitness (High School)

Grades: 9–12 (Credits: 0.5) Session: I, II, III

Students will develop a better understanding of a healthy and fit lifestyle physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. The program is based on movement, social development and self-realization. Students will participate in a variety of activities and sports. This course meets the P.E. requirement for graduation.

Leadership & Community Service (High School)

Grades: 9–12 ( Service Hours: 30 Credits: 0.5 ) Session: I

This course offers the skills students need to become 21st century leaders. Students are encouraged to explore and achieve personal growth, and each student will participate in service opportunities throughout Broward County. Goal-setting and team building are emphasized as students create proposals to implement projects and earn hours of community service for graduation requirement.

Please contact:

Michele Benson or Marla Baquerizo
(954) 472-0022 ext 3053 or email at or

Credit Card Authorization Brochure
Summer Institute Application Student Medical Form

Course Offerings

Early Elementary Enrichment Camp

Grades: PK3 - 1 | Sessions: I, II, III | Full Day

Our youngest high-achieving students will acquire core reading and math skills, critical thinking and problem solving, executive functioning for study skills and organization, as well as art appreciation and science exploration. Center-based learning, swim instruction, and camp activities are part of their daily schedules.

Reading & Writing Workshop (Elementary)

Grades: 2–5 | Sessions: I, II, III

Young authors will enjoy the opportunity to write thought-provoking fiction, expressive nonfiction, and cross-genre writing under the direction of highly accomplished writers. Emphasis will be on reading analysis and the writing process with group discussions to help develop the student’s ability to write clearly and compellingly.

Math Squared (Elementary)

Grades: 3–5 | Sessions: I, II, III

This math course is designed for students with advanced critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills in math. Taught by an experienced teacher who coaches many math competitions, concepts range from logic, reasoning, and probability to geometry, integers, decimals and fractions. Students will have the chance to compete in math competitions within the classroom.

Coding with Java (Elementary)

Grades: 3-5 | Session: II

This computer programming course gives students an opportunity to learn the language of Java to code and think creatively, develop their problem solving skills, use logic, and have fun all at the same time. By the end of the class, students will create interactive computer games, stories, and art that they can share online.

Robotics (Elementary & Middle School)

Grades: 3–8 | Sessions: I, II, III (Full Day)

Based in our state-of-the-art pre-engineering lab, young engineers will build robots to perform tasks for various challenges. The class develops engineering and programming skills, problem solving, and teamwork.

Science Adventure (Elementary & Middle School)

Grades: 3–8 | Sessions: I, II, III (Full Day)

Exploration and discovery will happen daily through hands-on lab experiments, field trips, and outdoor projects that focus on marine biology, the Everglades, chemistry, and the physical sciences.

Young Artists (Elementary & Middle School)

Grades: 1–8 | Sessions: I, II, III (Full Day)

Art comes to life in this class with a blend of visual arts media, including drawing, painting, collage, ceramics, sculpture, mosaics and more. Swimming, sports, and indoor activities are all part of the day.

Video Production (Elementary & Middle School)

Grades: 4–8 | Sessions: II & III (Full Day)

Producers in the making will learn how to write, shoot, and edit their own short digital broadcast using professional techniques and equipment. They will also host their own pre-taped 15-minute web-based show.

Musical Theatre (Elementary & Middle School)

Grades: 1–8 | Sessions: I–II (Full Day)

This intensive 6-week theatrical experience culminates in a Broadway-style show staged in our Black Box theatre. Students study acting, music, and dance; in between show rehearsals they enjoy swimming and other fun activities.

PSAT Test Prep (Middle School & High School)

Grades: 8–10 | Sessions: I, II, III

An intensive 3-week 60-hour program, this course will prepare students for the SAT and ACT exams necessary for college admissions. Ray Dass's exceptional team of instructors will review core concepts, skills, and strategies necessary for best performance on these exams. The class will include four proctored practice tests.

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