American Heritage Summer

Summer School

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Please find below our Summer School information. Our program is designed to help students improve their basic skills, progress to the next grade level, earn high school credit, and enhance their knowledge in a skill or subject area.

Our program is flexible, so we can accommodate students' needs. We will be happy to assist you in any way that we can. If you need additional information, please email the Summer School office at American Heritage of Boca/Delray or call us at (561) 495-7272.

  • SACS accredited school
  • A proven program with a 32 year track record of success
  • Small class sizes with an average of 12 students per class
  • Weekly progress reports to keep parents informed
  • Highly experienced, certified teachers
  • A beautiful and safe 40 acre campus
  • Bus transportation available AM/PM for Pre-K3 through 5th grade
  • Credits earned are accepted at all Palm Beach County and other schools throughout Florida
  • American Heritage Day Camp afternoon sessions available for students 13 years of age and under

    To be eligible for promotion, students will be required to attend summer school if any of the following conditions are present:

    • A student receives a grade of D or F (grades 2-6) or N (grades K-1) in either Reading or Math.
    • A student receives two or more D's or F's in any academic subject other than Reading or Math.
    • A student receives a grade of C or higher in either Reading or Math, where major accommodations and modifications have been made to meet the students needs.

    An ESOL student is required by the ESOL and/or homeroom teacher in order to improve English competency.

A.C.E. (Academic Camp for Enrichment)

This program is designed for those entering PreK-4, Kindergarten and First GradeThrough individualized instruction, center based learning, and an enhanced curriculum, children in this program will be on the path to educational excellence. Students will be exposed to learning activities that promote creative thinking, problem solving, while building confidence. Teachers will foster an environment that will provide the basic foundation for reading and math readiness, while nurturing social development, promoting physical fitness and an appreciation for the arts. The primary focus of this program is to provide children with the tools necessary to advance their skills in core academic areas such as Literacy, Math, and Science.

Sample Day Schedule

8:30-8:55 Drop off

9:00-11:00 Circle time/Center based learning

11:00-12:00 Swimming Lessons

12:00-12:30 Lunch

12:30-1:30 Center based learning

1:30-2:15 Camp activities

2:15-3:15 Classroom activity/circle time/dismissal

Skills & Readiness Program

This program is designed for students entering grades 2-5. There are three 3-week sessions in which children work on phonetic awareness, rhyming patterns, beginning reading skills, sentence structure, computational skills, calendar activities and visual patterning. Students will enhance their study skills and will receive specific instruction in executive functioning skills (i.e. organization and time management). Much of the morning is then spent on individual activities, so that each child can strengthen areas of weakness. This atmosphere also provides the flexibility of enrichment activities for those children who are at a more advanced level.

E.S.L (English as a Second Language)

In keeping with our philosophy of working on special needs in the educational community, American Heritage Summer School of Boca/Delray is pleased to offer E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) to residents of the United States and Foreign Nationals visiting our country during the summer.

This program is a fulfilling experience for students who have little or no English language comprehension, and for those who need supplemental work on specific English skills.

Individualized attention is provided to each student to assure a steady development in English language proficiency.

The American Heritage Summer School of Boca/Delray E.S.L. program has immersed countless students in a totally English speaking environment. Students can also participate in our summer camp/ESL combination program which allows the child to further their skills in conversational English. The results have been satisfying to the student and parent, and gratifying to our school.

Programs Offered

  • Readiness: Children entering Kindergarten and First Grade will benefit from additional support in phonics, reading and math skills.
  • Elementary: Children in the elementary grades who are in need of remediation in specific skill areas, and those students who are requesting enrichment in specific skill areas.
  • English as a Second Language: Designed to help children who are limited in their English language proficiency.
  • Junior High Program: Designed to help those students who are still having difficulty in specific content areas and writing skills.
  • High School Courses: We offer a wide variety of high school courses where students can earn up to 2 credit hours. Courses offered are Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry,Trigonometry, English 1,2,3, and 4, Earth Science, Biology, Physics, Marine Biology, Chemistry,Env. Science, Oceanography, Social Studies, Spanish, and Computer Apps 1**.


Leadership/Community Service Course

| Grades: 9–12 | Service Hours: 30 (off campus) Credits: 0.5 | Session: I 12:15-4:15

This course offers the skills students need to become 21st century leaders. Students are encouraged to explore and achieve personal growth, and each student will participate in service opportunities throughout Palm Beach County. Goal-setting and team building are emphasized as students create proposals to implement projects and earn hours of community service for graduation requirements

Students who are required to attend summer school will:

  • Attend the number of sessions as determined by the staff of the school in relationship to each child's need.
  • Automatically be on 9 weeks probation in the next grade.
  • Be retained or asked to find another educational setting if insufficient progress is made during the summer or should the child fail to attend the required number of sessions.

Summer School or Tutoring Recommended

  • A student receives a grade of C or D in Science or Social Studies where there is a weakness in reading comprehension or study skills.
  • New students who have no previous instruction in Spanish.
  • A student receives a grade of C or above, but with a documented weakness in Reading or Math.

Promotion Requirements: Elementary Grades 1-5

Promotion for students in the Preschool or Kindergarten Program is based on completion of the program, appropriate progress, and developmental readiness. Promotion for students in grades one through six is based on completion of the program, appropriate progress, and passing grades. Promotion for some students may be contingent upon the participation in the summer school program.

Promotion Requirements: Grades 6 - 8

  • To be promoted to the next grade, students with below average or failing yearly averages will be required to fulfill the following:
  • One F Successful completion of summer school if subject is any of five major subjects
  • Two Fs Successful completion of at least two sessions of summer school required and nine weeks probation if subjects are any of the five major subjects
  • Three Fs Repeat the grade if subjects are any of the five major subjects
  • Two Ds Summer school strongly recommended if subjects are any of the five major subjects.
  • Three Ds Successful completion of at least one session of summer school required and nine weeks probation in next grade if subjects are any of the five major subjects.
  • Four Ds Successful completion of at least two sessions of summer school required and nine weeks probation in next grade OR repeat the grade if subjects are any of the five major subjects.

Promotion Requirements: Grades 9 - 12

  • Courses Failed: Students who fail a required course during the regular academic year must retake the course in an attempt to make up the lost credit during summer school.

Students who failed an elective should make up the credit during summer school. (The same elective does not have to be retaken, but the missing credit must be made up to ensure promotion). It is the student and parents responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for making up lost credit and to notify the school of these arrangements.

Students and parents are notified via reports of credit lost for the semester. It is their responsibility to arrange to make up failed courses. Failure to do so can result in not being eligible for promotion.

Administration must be advised, in advance, of any course taken on first impulse outside of the regular school year/school day. Administration reserves the right to validate any credit earned in Summer/night School by examinations, whether the course was first impulse or a repeat. The summer school grade will be averaged on the transcripts for the GPA repeat.

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