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iPad Program grades (6-12)


Students in grade 6-12 will have to bring an iPad to school. Students can use the iPad to access digital texts, take notes, and conduct research. iPad carts will be available for Upper School teachers to use with their classes, since every student will not have a personal device for this school year.

As part of the AHS iPad Program, incoming fourth and fifth grade students are able to use their personal iPads in school. For 4th and 5th grades, the use of personal iPads is optional. iPads will be used for research activities, the Accelerated Reader program, and teacher directed learning activities. Students will still be required to purchase physical textbooks. American Heritage School will continue to provide students from PK3 to Grade 5 with iPad experiences through access to iPad carts owned by the school.


Why the iPad?

What procedures has the school implemented to prevent students from texting, going on Facebook and Twitter, and surfing the web?

What security procedures has the school implemented to make sure that the iPads are safe?

Can iPads be used anywhere on campus?

What should students do to backup their iPads?

What apps are recommended?

Will students be able to charge their iPads at school?

Will there be rules and guidelines regarding iPad use on campus.

Yes. We are working to finalize our Student iPad Acceptable Use Policy that all students will be required to follow. Students and parents will be required to sign an iPad Student/Parent Agreement and will be required to abide by the Digital Citizenship Agreement as outlined in our student handbook.

What additional options would you recommend?

t's your iPad, but we recommend that students have a case for their iPad. Some families will choose to have a film cover placed on the glass of the iPad to protect against scratches. Other than these, your student does not need any additional accessories. Some students may wish to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard, but that is not required.

Will each student be given an email address?

All American Heritage students are issued a google account that gives them access to email, a calendar function and google docs.

What happens when a new model is released and/or new technologies emerge?

Technology is changing and evolving constantly, and American Heritage will evaluate new products and make adjustments as necessary. For us, the device is simply a tool to be used in the service of teaching and learning. Education must always come before any particular educational tool — whether a desk, a textbook, a ruler, a calculator, or an iPad.

How will students save documents?

Students can save documents using their Google Drive through their Google Apps account provided by the school. iCloud can be activated to automatically sync files created in Pages, Numbers and Keynote. By using these accounts, documents can be saved and exported in various formats for later use and students will have access to documents from other computers via the Internet. These files can then be shared with classmates and/or teachers.

Will students only be using digital books (ebooks)?

The iPad will not be replacing textbooks 100% this year. Traditional textbooks will still be used in some classes. Even though it is our goal to reduce the cost and the weight of textbooks, American Heritage is focused on using the best available materials for each learning environment. The academic department chairs, with the approval of the Principals, select materials for department instruction, including digital sources and traditional textbooks. With this hybrid approach, the school hopes a significant savings will eventually be passed on to families. All families will purchase textbooks (both digital and print) through By partnering with, we hope to provide families with an easy and effective way to access their textbooks. We will no longer hold a book sale on campus.

What about insurance?

What happens if an iPad gets broken, lost or stolen? It is a good idea to consider some sort of insurance for your child’s iPad. If you purchase your iPad through Apple, you may want to elect to buy AppleCare+ for an additional fee. Every iPad comes with one year of hardware repair coverage through the limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary support. AppleCare+ for iPad extends your coverage for two years from the original purchase date of your iPad and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a $49 service fee. You should also check with your homeowners, renters, and/or car insurance to see if loss or damage to an iPad would be covered. If you are interested in purchasing outside insurance for your iPad, there are many options out there. Here are a few:

Worth Ave. Group -
Safeware -
SquareTrade -
Protect Your Bubble -

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